Have a great summer. School starts August 13, 2015. Teachers and staff start August 10, 2015.

Wolf Calendar

High School Students
Date: 7/30/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Location: All students need to come by HS and pick up enrollment packets.
Senior Enrollment Date
Date: 8/3/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Location: Seniors bring enrollment packets signed - will receive schedule and locker assignments
8th grade enrollment
Date: 8/4/2015
Junior Enrollment Date
Date: 8/4/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Location: Juniors need to bring enrollment packets - will receive schedule and locker assignments
7th grade enrollment
Date: 8/5/2015

Superintendent's Message

Davis strives to ensure that its students come away from their experience with knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations, interact productively with others in all their diverse perspectives, contribute meaningfully to society, and continue learning throughout their lives. Moreover, we strive to achieve a common goal that students will use their knowledge and skills to conduct themselves ethically and humanely, with an appreciation for the past and an eye towards shaping an even better future.

Mr. Mike Martin
Davis Public Schools

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